Dynamic Balancing Valves

Dynamic balancing valve Fig. 9900P and Fig. 9920

VIR dynamic balancing valves keep the flow constant at a preset value. Balancing is made automatically, without any need for external tuning, even after eventual modifications in the system's layout.

In the 9900P, 9900V, 9920 and 9955 series valves the regulation is obtained by means of a cartridge specifically designed for each flow. The valves are specifically designed for an easy positioning of the cartridge after an initial flushing of the system or should it be necessary to change the cartridge with a new one more suited for a different flow.
9605, 9655, 9700 and 9755 series valves can be preset within specific working ranges.

Test points (optional) allow to verify that valve is actually working within its true differential pressure range.