Butterfly Valves

4020 series and 4320 series butterfly valves

VIR's butterfly valve range includes valves for heating and air conditioning applications (Fig. 4020 and Fig. 4320), valves for drinking water and corrosive fluids (Fig. 4025 and Fig. 4325 or Fig. 4029 with NBR seat for fluids aggressive to EPDM) and valves for gas (Fig. 4321).
Available in all commercial diameters from DN032 - 1 1/4” to DN600 - 24” both in Wafer or Lug execution. Our valves have ISO 5211 actuator connection (also for lever handle valves) allowing for the mounting of an actuator also after an in-line installation.

Butterfly Wafer valves are suitable for installation between flanges (or for a dead end service by installing it with an auxiliary counter flange). Drilled holes in the body allow for an easy centering of the valve.
Butterfly Lug valves are fixed to flanges by means of screws (one set for each side). This execution allows a dead end installation without any auxiliary counter flange.