Ball Valves - Fig. 380I Solar

Fig. 380I Solar

Full port bronze ball valve
Diameters from DN015 - ½" to DN050 - 2"
Threaded F/F (ISO 228/1)
(available on request with ASME B1.20.1 NPT threads)
Design according to MSS-SP110
Air testing according to EN12266-1
Seats and packing specific for high temperatures
(Seats in PTFE+graphite, packing in Grafoil)
Blow-out proof stem, adjustable packing
CE and TR CU 010 compliant

PN40 (Max 40bar up to 100°C, max 10bar at 200°C)
Free of CE marking for DN≤32 (cat. according to Art. 4.3 Dir. 2014/68/EU)

Working conditions
● Suitable for: water, -30°C to +200°C
   below 0°C only for water with added antifreeze fluids
   over 100°C only for water with added anti-boiling fluids
● Not suitable for: gases and liquids group 1 (Dir. 2014/68/UE)