Static Balancing Valves - Fig. 9565XL

Fig. 9565XL

Ductile iron Lug butterfly valve Fig.4325
   For EN1092 PN16 flanges
   Lengths according to EN558-1 series 20 (ex DIN3202 K1)
   Design according to EN593
   Testing according to EN12266-1
   Epoxy coating (min. 150μm)
Stainless steel Wafer metering station Fig. 9450
   For EN1092 PN16 flanges
   Tolerance on nominal Kvs ±5%
Diameters from DN350 - 14" to DN600 - 24"
TR CU 010 compliant


Working conditions
● Suitable for: water, -10°C to +110°
   below 0°C only for water with added antifreeze fluids
   over 100°C only for water with added anti-boiling fluids
● Not suitable for: gases group 1 & 2, liquids group 1 (Dir. 2014/68/EU)