Frequently Asked Questions

This page gathers all the answers to the questions that customers frequently ask us. If the answer to your question is unavailable or incomplete, then please contact us by E-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone dialing +39-0163-47891.

Can the VIR aaa valve series be used with the fluid bbb?

Please use the service recommendation table (that can be downloaded here) as reference, as well as the technical data information sheet pertinent to each valve, which indicates the materials used for producing each part of the valve itself (please refer to the "Products" section.)

I need technical information on the VIR aaa product series.

The "Products" section allows access to pages specific to each VIR product series. Each page contains all the documentation available for each VIR product:
● technical data sheets, including the parts list with materials, dimensions and installation instructions (for example wiring diagrams for the actuators);
● electronic copy of brochures or instruction leaflets provided with the product;
● electronic copy of the applicable certificates.

Does VIR have any program to aid in the selection and setting of the balancing valves?

Yes, two Excel sheets with simple user interface are available: one specific to the static balancing valves and a second one for the dynamic balancing valves. The parameters needed to select and set the valves are easily identified by a light blue background on the interface, simplifying their identification and input. Links to the two programs can be found below:
Static balancing valves
Dynamic balancing valves

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Tools for this task are also included in the VIR App for smartphones, available on App Store and Play Store. The App can be downloaded also by scanning the QR code on the left.