Dynamic Balancing Valves - Fig. 9955

Fig. 9955

Ductile iron Wafer automatic balancing valve
Diameters from DN065 - 2½" to DN300 - 12"
For EN1092 PN16 or ASME B16.24 class 150 flanges
Provided with eyebolt for DN≥100
Wide range of flows available (see technical sheet)
Test points included

PN16 (PN25 available on request)
Free of CE marking (cat. according to Art. 4.3 Dir. 2014/68/EU)

Working conditions
● Suitable for: water, - 10°C to +110°C
   below 0°C only for water with added antifreeze fluids
   over 100°C only for water with added anti-boiling fluids
   (Ethylene glycol or propylene glycol mixtures up to 50% may be used)
● Not suitable for: gases group 1 & 2, liquids group 1 (Dir. 2014/68/EU)
● Flow range from 1,6l/s to 9,7l/s for DN65 e DN80 (single cartridge)
● Higher flows available with the multi cartridge system for DN≥100
● Minimum working ∆P depending on cartridge configuration