Ball Valves - Fig. 333

Fig. 333

Full port brass ball valve
Diameters from DN010 - ⅜" to DN050 - 2"
Threaded M/F (ISO 228/1)
Air testing according to EN12266-1
Blow-out proof stem
O-ring + adjustable packing
With handle or butterfly
ACS, VA, WRAS and TR CU 010 compliant

PN25 (PN16 when used with air)
Free of CE marking (cat. according to Art. 4.3 Dir. 2014/68/EU)

Working conditions
● Suitable for: water, 0°C to +95°C
● Suitable for: air, -10°C to +110°C
● Not suitable for: gases and liquids group 1 (Dir. 2014/68/EU)